In a time when we are told to stay inside our houses to protect others, and ourselves, I began thinking of the thousands of people who are without homes or safe places to take refuge. While developing my understanding of homelessness, I set out to answer questions like: “What are the causes of homelessness? How are people without homes being affected by Covid-19? Are there solutions to help those who are in need of homes?” 


I have created a sculpture to highlight the correlation between homelessness and structure. Made out of wood, the architectural model is an extremely simplistic representation of a house. The accompanying concrete block creates an emphasis on the foundation of the structure. 


Housing is a need and necessity, and through my work, I hope to raise awareness of how the “foundation” of a house can affect a person and help them grow. The model is also a representation of affordable housing and the need for more of it. The widening housing affordability gap is one of the main causes of homelessness. If we as a society can realize the importance of housing, and help reduce the housing affordability gap, we can help many people and families into their own homes. 


Kate H.

Brainerd, Minnesota 

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